Terry Grier, left in the lurch
Terry Grier, left in the lurch
Photo by Paul Knight

Just When He Thought He Was Out, KIPP Pulls Him Back In

The grand huzzah of Houston school superintendent Terry Grier's recent reorg announcement -- the hiring of a KIPP honcho to over see HISD's middle schools -- seems to have fizzled out.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Terence Johnson, a "senior director of leadership" for the charter program KIPP, has reneged on his agreement to join HISD.

Johnson had been pegged to oversee middle-school education throughout the district, as Grier moved from geographic subdistricts to administrators setting policy for elementary, middle and high schools across HISD.

Johnson apparently had given a verbal agreement to join HISD, but Grier and the district learned, as they say, that verbal agreements are worth the paper they're printed on.

"He had made a verbal commitment," Grier told the Chron last night. "We were all excited about his coming to work here."

Johnson was one of two new administrators from outside the district. The other, David Simmons, a former superintendent of a Dallas suburb, has left behind questions at his old post.

So far, though, it still appears he will take the job.


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