Justin Delane Nash: Accused of Second Sick Crime Against a Child in 17 Months

A girl's school journal entry has led to an arrest for an alleged sex crime.

On September 23, a Lufkin schoolgirl handed in a journal to her teacher in which she had written, "I wish I had a better life. I got raped by Justin and I'm scared to tell my mom."

The teacher turned the journal over to a school counselor who in turn handed it in to Child Protective Services, who interviewed the girl. The girl told CPS that Justin Delane Nash had fondled her.

Yesterday, Lufkin police arrested the 5-11, 330-pound Nash. He's been charged with indecency with a child and is now in the Angelina County Jail, a place the 32-year-old knows quite well from all-too-recent experience.

Beginning last May, Nash spent several months there awaiting his day in court on a charge of injury to a child. In that case, Nash was eventually found guilty of beating his girlfriend's 14-year-old daughter after he became convinced that she had "done something" with a boy.

According to the Lufkin Daily News, when the girl (not the same victim as in this new case) denied Nash's accusation, he started hitting her in the side and head and pulling her hair. He also grabbed her hand and forced her to bloody her own nose. He then told her to grab a knife and hack off her hair so boys wouldn't want to "mess" with her. Still the girl refused, and Nash smacked her across the face, whereupon she picked up the knife and starting sawing off her hair.

Nash took the knife from the girl and helped her finish, then ordered her into the shower, her clothes still on, to wash away the blood. According to the report, he continued pummeling her while she showered, causing her to slip and chip her teeth.

After serving two months in jail awaiting trial, Nash was convicted of bodily injury to a child and was given five years probation in that case. (It was his first criminal conviction.)

Apparently, jail and probation make Nash hungry: according to Angelina County records, the bull-necked brute has packed on 50 pounds since his arrest last year. He is currently being held without bond.

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