Katy ISD Cop Dennis Olivier: Boss, Someone Took The Heroin, Coke, Meth & Weed You Gave Me

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No need to lock your truck or anything.
As a K-9 unit cop for Katy ISD, Dennis Olivier tooled around with a white tackle box full of drugs in his squad car. The department-issued narcotics kit was used to train the dog, so that man and dog could do their part in the war on drugs.

But in a critical tactical error, Olivier reported to his superiors that someone stole the drug kit from his personal pickup truck earlier this month.

Olivier "reported he may have left his personal pickup truck's doors unliocked in front of his home," the Examiner reported Thursday. Olivier told investigators "the driver's side door may have been unlocked. No windows were broken and there was no other sign of forced entry on his truck."

The kit held baggies stuffed with: 6.5 grams of cocaine; 6.6 grams of heroin; 4.2 grams of meth; 36.4 grams of marijuana (in two baggies); and three or four prescription pills. (Olivier also said his cell phone was missing, too).

Katy ISD issued a statement that "Katy ISD police are currently conducting an internal investigation regarding an alleged theft from an employee's vehicle." The police chief "confirmed a burglary was being investigated, but provided no details," according to the paper.

Oh snap! For the 29-year-old Olivier, that "alleged theft" has gotta smart -- it's almost as if his bosses don't believe him! But Hair Balls is a little more understanding -- Lord knows we've absentmindedly left valuables in an unlocked car before. Why just the other week, during a trip to Target, we left a very expensive antique pocketwatch and a crack pipe (handed down by our grandfather) in an Adidas box partially wedged under a dozing black-market snow leopard. Fortunately for us, everything was there when we got back to the car, but we can see how things could've just as easily gone the other way.

But still, we're still not sure why Olivier would've transferred the drug kit from his police car to his pickup in the first place; that's gotta be a tough one to explain. Of course, the article didn't mention anything about who we consider to be the prime suspect: Olivier's drug-sniffing partner. He may have just gotten away with the perfect crime.

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