Kaylan Goodman: Her Company's Owner, Who Has a Warrant Out for His Arrest, Says 18-Year-Old Girl Is Just Fine! UPDATE: Safe Return

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Photo Courtesy Crime Stoppers
Kevin Davis: The company he works for is totally legit and non-sleazy, so you don't have to worry.

Update: Kaylan is back in Bay City. Her sister, Lorrie Goodman, told Hair Balls this morning that Kaylan flew from St. Louis to Houston last night, after Lrumar owner Kevin Davis contacted their father. Davis offered to put her on a plane if her father bought a ticket and stopped talking to the media, Lorrie said. Oddly, according to Lorrie, Davis had allegedly told Kaylan that she'd be returning in three days, so Kaylan right now thinks this is just a brief stay. Yeah, we find the whole thing weird, too. We hope to speak with Kaylan today for more information.

Although an Oklahoma woman who suddenly vanished after joining a traveling magazine sales crew was located in Illinois Wednesday night and was allowed to call family, she's still in the custody of some really sketchy people.

Kaylan Goodman's family, who live in Bay City, became worried when 18-year-old Kaylan suddenly cut off her utilities and quit her job in order to take off with some dude named Scott Biddle to allegedly sell magazine subscriptions for a sham outfit called Lrumar Publications and/or Lucretius Phocylides.

Kaylan's grandparents told us in an e-mail that, "While her family was talking to Kaylan on the phone, her manager Scott Biddle was [coaching] her in what to say. They heard Mr. Biddle tell her to inform her family that she did not want to have any communication with them. They heard Mr. Biddle tell Kaylan to say 'stop pursuing her return to us.' We told Kaylan we would not stop until she was home. Mr. Biddle told Kaylan to tell us that if we continued to try and locate her, we would never find her -- it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack."

It's anyone's guess as to what Kaylan knows about her name and face being splashed all over media in Texas and Oklahoma. Mag crews generally have a brainwashing period where new recruits are completely cut off from their families, and all media. No phones. No e-mail. Nada. (Mag crew leaders, like Biddle, can do as they please, hence Biddle's genius Facebook pics of his beloved medical marijuana and posts about how much he drank the night before, bra. Really, it's like no one in this sleazebag industry even pretends to make it look legit.)

But we were surprised to get a call from Lrumar's owner, although he won't admit to being the owner. His name is Kevin Eugene Davis, and he has a warrant out for his arrest, out of Colorado Springs, for a weird charge called possession of marijuana concentrate. Davis, of course, told us he wasn't aware of any such charge. Furthermore, he said he wouldn't be hard for authorities to find.

"I live in Denver, so...they can come to my house anytime they want," he told us. "Been in my penthouse for the last three weeks."

He also told us that he wasn't the owner, and that "The owner's name is Kevin Bacon and he lives in Puerto Rico. Actually, there's five different owners." That sort of set the tone for the whole discussion -- when we asked where Kaylan's crew was headed next, he told us they were headed from Illinois to Los Angeles, where they were going to fly to Honolulu. (The name "David Bacon" has also been listed as the company's owner. Another known Davis alias is "Roy York." Davis has also given police a plethora of different dates of birth; records show 5/8/64, 5/8/67 and 5/8/68. He told us his true birth date is July 22, 1961.)

He also told us that "Kaylan doesn't want to go home to her parents. Would you like to talk to Kaylan?"

When we told him that, uh, yeah, as a matter of fact we would -- as would her family -- he said we'd probably just twist things around. When we asked him if she even had access to a phone, he said, "I don't know -- like I said, I've got a lot of employees that work there, and I don't know...who has a phone, who doesn't have a phone...Why would I know that? Do you know everybody...that you work with has a phone and don't have a phone....?"

But then he said, "Obviously, this person doesn't have a phone," and said that Kaylan never paid her phone bill, so her service was cut.

Then Davis laid it all out for our stupid ass: "She can call whoever she wants. See, to me, you sound retarded, and this is the reason why: Okay, you guys know what we do for a living, you know how we operate, and everything like this...and all's you're asking questions about is...things that you know doesn't happen and you're trying to make up a story. That's what you're doing...They can leave anytime they want. They knock on so many doors during the day, they can call home anytime they want." Davis told us that since Kaylan didn't live in Texas, and wasn't found in Texas, this isn't a Houston story. But the thing is, these crews roll through Texas all the time -- as of last month, there was at least one mag crew operating in Houston; and according to Biddle's FB, his crew was in Texas late last year.

Davis's roots go back to Texas. He learned from old-school industry titans Joe Edge and Russell Wood, who operated out of Pilot Point, near Denton. (When he was charged with traffic infractions in Arizona in 1998, he gave a Pilot Point address; Davis confirmed that he once worked with Edge and Wood.)

Davis may have met his wife, the former Crystal Jean Dalessandro, on one of the Pilot Point crews, as an old driver's license lists the Pilot Point address of the Four Horsemen Lodge, formerly owned by Edge, where crews often stayed. (Davis married Dalessandro in Clark County, Nevada, in 2002. He said they divorced "four years ago," and that the Crystal Davis currently working for Lrumar is his sister.)

Davis told an Indiana news station in 2009 that he was the owner of the company, and that he wasn't running a scam. Davis told that news station -- and Hair Balls -- that he ran a clean operation, but his folks seem to cause a lot of trouble wherever they go. In June 2011, Idaho Falls police warned people about giving money to Lrumar reps. (But really -- why would anyone take the word of law enforcement over a fellow with an open warrant?)

The Lrumar Web site, which looks like it was created in 1997 by a lobotomized chimpanzee, lists the company's address as a UPS store in a Colorado Springs suburb. But it lists a phone number with an area code for southern California; Davis told us that the number was for the company's Ventura, California, office. He said mail received at the Colorado address is forwarded to company offices in Ventura, New York and Orlando. (Que?)

We're hoping to hear back from authorities in Fairmont City, Illinois, and Colorado Springs, so hopefully we'll have more to share soon.

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