Kaylan Goodman: Houston Area Family Looking For Woman Who Disappeared With a Magazine Sales Crew

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An Update to our Update: Kaylan is back in Bay City with her family.

UPDATE: Goodman was located late Wednesday night by Fairmont City, Illinois, police, according to the Kingfisher Police Department. "We have verified her well being" through a phone conversation, the department stated. We hope to have more later today.

A Bay City woman is looking for her 18-year-old sister, who disappeared from her Oklahoma City-area home last month after joining a traveling magazine sales crew.

Lorrie Goodman says her sister, Kaylan Leighann Goodman, inexplicably quit her job, stopped all her utilities and disappeared around January 24 with a man who works for a sham company calling itself both Lrumar Publications and Lucretius Phocylides. Her grandmother, Frances Downs, told us Kaylan had rerouted her mail to the company's address, which is actually a post office box in a UPS Store in Falcon, Colorado, about 15 miles outside Colorado Springs.

Kaylan was last seen February 10 in Mangum, Oklahoma, in a car driven by Scott Bindle Biddle, according to a Kingfisher Police Department incident report. (The report lists his name as "Bindle," but his name is now listed on the "missing" poster as Scott Anthony Biddle, d/o/b/ July 26, 1982. He may be driving a white 2002 Ford van with Colorado license plate 169TOE). She called her family the following day, but her phone has since been shut off. She also removed her Facebook profile, and while she left her truck parked outside her work at a boutique, she took all her other belongings from her apartment.

Although Lrumar lists a Colorado address on its insanely crude Web site, its customer service line has an area code serving southern California. Colorado Better Business Bureau records list the owner as David Bacon, with managers Crystal and Mike Davis. Crystal Cox is listed as heading the "resolutions" department.

It's a gamble as to whether those are real names; like most other mag crews, Lrumar is simply a scam to sell bogus magazine subscriptions; there are media reports nationwide of Lrumar sales agents being busted for burglary, lack of licensing, and other offenses.

Lrumar sales agents use the same spiel as their slimy counterparts: They're just earnest kids trying to sell enough subscriptions to win a contest to travel abroad, or they're raising money for a local children's hospital.

The shitheels who poach these oft-impressionable kids are the dregs of society, and they endanger both their lives and the lives of whatever unfortunate schmuck opens the door to hear the sales pitch.

Update: We've heard from Lrumar owner Kevin Davis, who had some weird stuff to say. Oh -- and did you know he already had a warrant out for his arrest?

Please call the Bay City Police Department at 979-245-8500, or the Kingfisher (Oklahoma) Police Department at 405-375-4311 if you have any information.

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