KBR Rape Victim's Arbitration Award Not So Final Yet

Just when it looked as if the legal battle between former KBR contractor Tracy Barker and Halliburton, which used to own KBR, was about to come to a multi-million dollar conclusion, filings made today in the rape case seem to indicate there is still some ways to go until it is all over.

More than two years ago, Barker filed a lawsuit in Houston federal court against the Houston-based Halliburton alleging that a State Department worker sexually assaulted her while she was working as a civilian contractor in Iraq. Less than a year later, a judge decided that Barker had to go through arbitration, as stipulated in her work contract.

On Wednesday, it looked as if Barker was going to walk away with a more than just a tidy sum. Her attorney filed a report with the court claiming that Barker "prevailed on her arbitration claim" and was awarded $2,934,376.60 by the arbitrator.

But that was yesterday.

Today, Halliburton/KBR attorneys filed a response, essentially saying, Not so fast, Barker.

The response states that the arbitrator has not, in fact, issued a final award and that KBR is seeking to modify the amount because the arbitrator did not apply statutory caps on the amount of money that can be awarded.

It seems like the two sides still have more to discuss. We'll let you know how this all shakes out.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.