KBR Wins A Victory In One Of Its Iraq-Electrocution Suits

Sometimes it's not enough to simply bring in billions from no-bid contracts from in Iraq; sometimes a company needs a hug.

And that's what KBR got from federal judges in Houston and Florida, the company announced late yesterday.

Judges dismissed two lawsuits stemming from the electrocution death of a U.S. soldier in Iraq, the company said.

"The dismissal orders affirm that despite repeated criticism and statements made by several public officials on Capitol Hill and related media reports, KBR had no involvement in the factors that led to the tragic death of Sergeant [Christopher] Everett," said Andrew D. Farley, KBR Senior Vice President and General Counsel.

Everett was one of nine people to die in Iraq from electrocution at KBR-built facilities. The Pentagon released a report this week blaming the deaths on "improper grounding." But Army inspectors were at least partly to blame for not doing their jobs, the study said.

For our ongoing (and award-winning) coverage of KBR's fun and games in Iraq, check here. More to come, we're sure.

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