Keep A Woman A Virtual Hostage For Six Years, Get Probation: Nice

Back in July we told you about a Saudi national who had been arrested for lying on a visa application; his lie was that he told authorities he would be bringing in a woman to work for him around the house eight hours a day for $1,300 a month.

Instead the feds say, he worked her for 14 hours a day, seven days a week with no days off, and kinda paid her when he felt like it, which wasn't often. During the six years the woman worked for Mohammed Abbulazz Al-Zehairi, she should have been paid more than $150,000; instead she received $11,000.

Why didn't she leave? Al-Zehairi kept her passport locked up in a closet. Eventually the woman got word out of her plight, and authorities began an investigation.

Today Al-Zehairi pled guilty and was sentenced, and...it wasn't an overly impressive sentence.

He got five years' probation; as part of that probation he will have to pay the $140,000 or so he owes the woman.

It's nice that the woman will get her money, but otherwise -- five years' probation for essentially keeping her hostage?

Angela Dodge, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's office, tells Hair Balls that the sentencing was done within the mandatory guidelines.

As to whether the Saudi native will face deportation, she was unsure.

"I am not sure of his exact status here," she says. "He is a Houston resident, but I don't know his status."

Any deportation issues will be handled by the immigration court, she says, but she had no details on whether any proceedings will take place.

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