Victims of Hurricane Harvey who lost their transportation are eligible for free bicycles.EXPAND
Victims of Hurricane Harvey who lost their transportation are eligible for free bicycles.
Photo by Doogie Roux

Aiding Flood Victims Who Lost Cars, Houston Bike Share Still Seeking Bicycle Donations

To assist those who lost their cars to Hurricane Harvey, bike donations have been pouring in through Houston Bike Share's "Keep Houston Rolling Initiative," launched earlier this month.

In just two weeks, generous Houstonians have donated about 70 bikes to the cause, while bike manufacturers Giant USA and Trek have each donated 200 bikes. Christin Dietze, marketing and communications manager for Houston Bike Share, said that volunteer mechanics from Giant USA and Houston BCycle have been assembling the 400 bikes from the manufacturers and have so far given away about 100 of them to flood victims.Several hundred thousand vehicles were destroyed in floods caused by Harvey in late August.

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"We've gotten people jumping through the door and hugging us, they're so excited for a little bit of help with their transportation," Dietze said.

Keep Houston Rolling is still accepting bike donations, and bikes can be taken to Houston Bike Share's BCycle office at 407 Velasco from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Dietze said the partner bike groups are considering holding a second bike drive at Rice University sometime soon, but said a date has not been selected. The first drive was held at Interfaith Ministries this past weekend, where Houstonians dropped off about 40 bikes.

Don't have a bike but still want to help? You can donate money at Houston Bike Share's GoFundMe page. They've raised $925 so far.

Houston BCycle mechanics unload bicycles to assemble.EXPAND
Houston BCycle mechanics unload bicycles to assemble.
Photo by Doogie Roux

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