Brown's now forbidden to get this close to 50 percent of his kids.

Keeping Up with Dr. Brown

When we last left renowned hand surgeon-cum-wife-beater Dr. Michael Brown, he had lost his medical license for failing a drug test. But his woes did not end there: On November 7, a Harris County judge granted a protective order banning him from coming within 200 feet of his wife and two children. (Brown has two daughters from a previous marriage, which lost its romance after he beat that wife with a broken bedpost).

The order states: "The court finds that there is an immediate need for the...protective orders to prevent family violence and to protect [Rachel] and other members of the family..."

Rachel Brown sought the protective order about three weeks after Dr. Brown filed for divorce. Rachel subsequently filed a counter-petition for divorce, in which she alleged the following:

  • "On or about...March 12, 2004...[Brown] intentionally or knowingly or recklessly caused bodily injury to [Rachel] by pulling her hair, banging her into the furniture — causing bruises — and slapping her."
  • "On or about September 12, 2006...While [Rachel] was nine months pregnant with their son...Brown spit in her face and grabbed her by the arms, leaving marks and bruises.
  • "On or about November 3, 2006 [Brown], by deception, took or retained possession of [the children] from [Rachel] and/or concealed the whereabouts of these children from [Rachel]."
  • But in his original petition for divorce, Brown says Rachel wasn't exactly Mom of the Year. Brown asked the court to keep Rachel from:

  • "Threatening [Brown] in person, by telephone, or in writing"
  • "Signing or endorsing [Brown's] name on any negotiable instrument, check or draft"
  • "Permitting an unrelated adult with whom [Rachel] has an intimate or dating relationship to remain in the same residence with the children between the hours of 9 p.m.- 8 a.m."
  • "Hiding or secreting the children from [Brown]"
  • "Consuming alcohol or any illicit drugs or drugs without a valid prescription"
  • And on and on.

    Weird thing is, when Brown's ex-wife sought sole custody of their two children, Rachel testified in open court that Brown was a loving, caring, wonderful, non-hitting, non-psycho dude. Interesting.

    Brown's spokeswoman, Laurie Fickman, said she'd get back to us with a comment, but we haven't heard back. When we called Brown at his home, he threatened to press charges if we called again, and then hung up the phone. Brown's attorneys could not be reached for comment. -- Craig Malisow

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