Keeping Your Chin Up Can Be a Real Pain in the Neck

Okay, as requested by my psychologist, I’m going to keep things positive. So, I won’t mention that the Astros had 16 hits. Or that the ‘Stros left 18 men on base. Or that Morgan Ensberg was 0-7 with a walk. And I won’t mention that the Astros lost to the Pirates, 4-3, in 16 innings.

I also won’t tell you that the Astros have yet to defeat the Pirates this season.

I also can’t mention that the Pirates won the game when first baseman Adam LaRoche, batting all of .109, singled up the middle with the bases loaded and two men out.

Since I can’t say any of that, I’ll tell you the positives.

Craig Biggio moved 3 hits closer to 3000. Brad Lidge pitched an inning, but only gave up 1 hit and no runs. Matt Albers pitched another good game. And Brian Moehler showed up from the Twilight Zone to pitch some key innings, though he did get the loss.

The Astros record is now 9-11, and the team has lost 5 straight games. The Astros are also in a tie with the Cardinals for fifth place in the NL Central.

Weather permitting, the Astros will play at 11 a.m. Houston time today. Wandy Rodriguez will be on the mound against Tony Armas. So, here’s hoping that the relief corps not too tired, because I think they’re going to have pitch a few more innings before this road trip’s over.

And, one further thing. I heard the Astros radio guys making fun of the batting averages of several of the Pirates who started the game. Mainly because several of those guys had averages below .200. I guess that I shouldn’t mention that Chris Burke is now batting .224. That, before the game, Biggio was batting only .162 on the road. Berkman is still only batting .214. And that the Astro with the highest batting average is, of all people, Brad Ausmus. I guess that might point is that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones. Or something like that. – John Royal

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