Keiko, The Injured BARC Dog, Gets A Second Opinion

We don't know what made them change their minds, but the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care had Keiko, the severely injured dog we wrote about Thursday, checked out by an outside vet and opthamologist. Both agreed with the BARC vets that Keiko's eyes should be removed, according to the city's statement:

Keiko has proven to be quite the resilient pup! Her recovery has exceeded expectations, and her behavior has increasingly normalized. Late this afternoon, BARC's veterinary team determined that she could be moved safely without jeopardizing her medical status.

Our staff was able to arrange for Keiko to be seen by a private vet, who concurred with the medical opinion of our four-member vet team following an examination. This vet has asked not to be identified, but was able to refer Keiko immediately to a private ophthalmologist. The specialist, Dr. Swanson, examined Keiko and absolutely agreed with the BARC medical opinion that Dr. Mendelsohn should proceed with surgery.

We owe great thanks to these two most recent BARC volunteers. They were very eager to help, on very short notice, and extended their services this afternoon at no charge to the City. Dr. Swanson also generously donated two synthetic globes to replace Keiko's eyes during surgery.

Keiko still has a challenging walk to make. Dr. Mendelsohn will begin surgery tomorrow (Friday) morning. We do not have the privilege of knowing Keiko's medical history, so anesthesia will be applied very cautiously. If the surgery goes as planned, Keiko will be transferred to foster care around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, to recover outside of BARC. The Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is coordinating the transfer from volunteer to our adopter's home. Dr. Mendelsohn says that sutures are typically removed approximately 10-14 days following this procedure. Thank you to all who have kept Keiko in your thoughts today. We will post an update with new details as they develop

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.