Keith Olbermann Apologizes For His Melanie Lawson Clip

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyAs we noted before, at least one viewer was highly upset when Fox News aired a clip that was all over the net showing KTRK anchor Melanie Lawson falling off her chair. She demanded an apology; this site, which monitors Fox and other stations, says it hasn't heard one.

Keith Olbermann also had shown the clip, which we didn't know, since he's always struck us as the left's version of Rush Limbaugh, and we'd just as soon pass on watching. Last night, though, he did offer an apology for airing the mishap, citing an e-mail from a mutual friend.

He said Lawson was "an inspiration." You might have to wade through some baseball stuff in the above clip, but the Lawson stuff comes at the end.

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Richard Connelly
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