Kelly Gene Parker: HS Principal Brags About His Penis To 17-Year-Old Girl

Kelly Gene Parker, the former principal of a Waco-area high school, wasn't against all that there "sexting" like some high school principals can be. Especially the ones from the Waco area.

A former Meridian High School student is suing the school district, claiming Parker sexually harassed her and that she was retaliated against for reporting it.

Parker, the suit says, pleaded guilty last year to having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Inappropriate? Check out these five text messages included in the suit:

1. "I'm great in the sack ... i know how to please a woman and make her climax over and over... it may sound like im bragging but im not ... my dick curves to the left and hits the sweet spot every time."
Oh, what lady doesn't fall for the old curved-dick line? What -- most of them?

2. "Just thinking how good u would look sittin there w/ no clothes on ... esp w/ ur legs spread"
So subtle...until you get to "w/ no clothes on"...and then the descent into utter pervdom picks up speed fast.

3. Asking her the "color of ur pubic hair"
Really, it's all this paperwork the district makes us fill out. It's a hassle, but what are you gonna do?

4. "... I'm not perverted, what do you think grown up couples talk about ... either ur grownup and mature to handle it or not."
Yeah, you silly high school junior. This is how sophisticated adult couples discuss issues of importance to them. Such as pubic-hair color.

5. "i just wish you would think about me and my needs"
Oh God, he's not just a perv, he's a whiner. NEXT!!

The plaintiff is suing the Meridian school district seeking "punitive damages for discrimination, sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, and constitutional violations," Courthouse News Service reports.

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