Kelly Renee Hutchins: Smirkingest Mug Shot Ever After Cops Say She Tried To Rob Her Strip-Club Customer

Convicted on mugshot alone?

It's always a possibility, but we're sure an on-the-ball defense lawyer will make sure a jury never sees Kelly Renee Hutchins' mugshot should her robbery case ever get that far.

Because, you know, it's not like she's exhibiting a whole lot of remorse, or "Dear God, what have I gotten myself into?" or anything like that.

She's instead exhibiting more of a "Yeah, yeah, you got me this time" vibe, which isn't always helpful, especially in the punishment phase of any trial.

KTRK reports that Hutchins, 23, has been arrested for following home a man who had been a customer at her strip club but had refused her offer of a lapdance.

Our check of court records doesn't show the arrest -- only a two-year-old prostitution charge -- so let's go with the station's version.

It says Hutchins followed the man to his Missouri City home (a/k/a "The nightmare scenario for any married strip-club customer." Not that we know whether the dude was married or not, it's just that the stripper-follow is one of those awkward things that can be tough to explain away to anyone.)

The man says Hutchins approached him, pointed a gun at him and demanded his wallet. He says he told Hutchins that he did not have his wallet, then she searched his pockets and attempted to open his vehicle.

According to court documents, the man told Hutchins that he had surveillance cameras videotaping her and that she left along with the unidentified male from the strip club.

She is charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, and has earned a ticket in the 2012 Mugshot Hall of Fame competition.

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