Supporters say Dawson, while dead, makes for an exciting candidate.

Ken Lay and Glenda Dawson: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Candidates who're labeled "stiff " run for election all the time. But "dead?"

People in State Representative Glenda Dawson's district have been receiving mailers touting Dawson's many achievements. The folks running her campaign are asking voters to support Dawson in the upcoming election, as she's a proud Republican and, in fact, dead.

Campaign reps say the slick new mailout is intended to be a tribute to Dawson, who passed away in September. Of course, there's nothing memorializing Dawson on the fliers. If you didn't catch word of her death in the news or from a letter the campaign sent out, you might assume she was alive and kicking.

If Dawson beats out Democratic candidate Anthony A. Dinovo of Pearland, there's talk of Guvnah Rick Perry calling a special open election in December.

Gee, you'd have to guess that Dinovo would've at least won the debate part of the race, right? (We'll go ahead and refrain from any "ghost of a chance" election talk, tempting as it may be.)

In other news, Ken Lay golddiggers and hangers-on can scan parts of his will, which is up for view on Slate. A quick scan of the will shows that Linda Lay gets most of the stuff (no, not this stuff). Which means, of course, that Enron's victim's get squat. — Steven Devadanam

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