Kenneth Page: Honky-Tonk Heartbreak Trifecta Compels Five-State Lawnmower Ride

Newsflash: country music can be corny. Many a shit-kicker heartbreak song is riddled by cliches. But you know what they say about cliches: they get to be cliches because they are true.

That is especially the case with Kenneth Page. The Waco-area mechanic was freshly married when he lost his job. Then he lost his house and had to move out in to the sticks. And then came the real disaster: his wife of less than a year left him and took everything he loved -- his dog and the truck he bought her -- along with her.

Page had nothing left but the rusted hulk of an old Harley-Davidson and a dream. He went back to Waco -- where he took up residence in a storage building -- and nursed that dream, which was this:

He would ride a lawnmower from Waco to Talladega, Florida.

That's right, Talladega, Florida. And he would set the Guinness world record for riding a lawnmower and find a new job and a new life while he was at it.

But there were a great many obstacles in his way.

First, he had to get a lawnmower.

Then he needed $60 "startin' cash."

Next, someone needed to tell up which way to Florida.

And then he needed to line up eight, ten, maybe 12 mowing jobs along the way.

And then he was off.

You can read the rest in our feature story this week, and watch an interview with Page taped right after he entered the Promised Land here.

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John Nova Lomax
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