Kenneth Wayne Henderson: Passengers Shouldn't Shoot Drivers While They're On The Highway

The life of a backseat passenger can be frustrating -- the driver is going too slow, he's going too fast, he's tailgating, he's not doing anything right.

Still, you probably shouldn't shoot him. Especially when you are barreling down an interstate.

Remember: You're in the car too.

It's a lesson that Kenneth Wayne Henderson, 36, lived to learn, remarkably enough.

A grand jury indicted Henderson last week on a murder charge regarding the death of Michael Lee Graves, 32, killed last November.

Henderson was in the back seat of a Toyota being driven by Graves on the Gulf Freeway when an argument began, police said at the time of the incident.

Henderson, seeking to establish an unrebuttable debating point, shot Graves twice in the head with a .38 revolver and shot the front-seat passenger, Amethyst Dianne Norwood, once.

Problem: As noted, the speeding car's driver was now incapacitated. The vehicle crashed into a Texas Department of Safety camera pole in La Marque.

Henderson somehow came away from the incident with a broken arm. He was charged immediately with assault, but upgrading the charge had to wait for the results of forensic tests.

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Richard Connelly
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