Kesha Rogers: Democrat LaRouchie Candidate's "Impeach Obama" Campaign Goes To Black Congressional Caucus

Kesha Rogers: Making inroads on the impeachment fight?

Kesha Rogers has already been disowned by the state's Democratic Party, even though she's a young, aggressive black candidate for Congress with a bold platform. Seeing as how that platform is to impeach President Obama, perhaps that's not surprising.

Rogers won the Democratic primary in the overwhelmingly Republican 22nd District (Tom DeLay's old stomping grounds), mostly because no one else cared to run.

This weekend, the follower of Lyndon LaRouche took time out from her other main concern -- dismantling the British Empire -- to take her impeachment cause to a not-so-receptive crowd: The Black Congressional Caucus.

As the above clip clearly shows -- and we dare you to sit through the entire 18 minutes without fast-forwarding -- it was a rousing success, and the Caucus formally called for the impeachment of Obama and the imprisonment of Queen Elizabeth.

Or maybe they didn't. Maybe they spent their time rolling their eyes at Rogers, much like city council members everywhere whenever that one angry old coot has signed up yet again for the public-comments section of the weekly meeting.

That's not the LaRouchie take on it, though:

"As you might imagine there were fireworks, but over the course of three days, Kesha's work began to have its effect and many were increasingly seeking out her council on the ideas necessary to address the economic crisis," LaRouche spokesman Paul Mourino said.

Obama showed up on the last day of the meeting to address the group. It is unclear whether the trip was planned all along, or was a hasty last-minute attempt to ward off an impeachment vote.

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