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Kevin Love's Match.com Video For Good NBA Teams (Like The Rockets)

Let's preface this post by saying that I shed no tears for Kevin Love.

The Minnesota Timberwolves' fifth year power forward is highly compensated for his services (over $14 million this season), lives a very comfortable life, and for a guy who has never led his team to even a 40 percent winning percentage in a season, he gets a ton of "elite level player" adulation from fans and media alike.

Not to mention he willingly chose to sign a contract extension in Minnesota a couple years ago. No one held a gun to his head. (Or in the case of Minnesota, an ice fishing harpoon rifle.)

But man, does Kevin Love look defeated lately or what?

You see, the Timberwolves are on a three game losing streak, triggered by a beatdown at the hands of the Rockets last Thursday, continued on Sunday night in Phoenix, and finished off with a 109-92 thumping at the hands of the Memphis Grizzlies.

The loss left the Timbys back under .500 (or as they call it, "home") at 34-35 and sitting firmly outside the Western Conference playoff picture. After the game, Kevin Love met with the media and seemed to have all the fight of a sedated house cat, and all the answers of a first grader taking the Wonderlic....

Excuses about back-to-back games, resignation that all that's left is to try their hardest, reminders that he's Kevin Love and he's "allowed an off game every now and then."

The loser's lament.

I've long held the belief that Kevin Love would be a much better second banana than he is a first banana. You can say what you want about Minnesota's inability to put a great supporting cast around Love, but with his deficiencies at the defensive end of the floor, and his prolific stats never seeming to translate into wins, if Kevin Love is your best player, well, you're the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Hell, the Timberwolves weren't even sure he was their best player long-term when they did his contract extension, as they left open the option to do a five year deal (each team can pick one player with whom to enter a five year deal) with point guard Ricky Rubio, not Love. In fact, Love has a player option for 2015-2016, so he can find a new home after next season.

Or he can do what Carmelo Anthony, Deron Williams, and yes, even our beloved Dwight Howard (Orlando edition) did, and be such a pain in the ass that the team has no choice but to deal him for sixty cents on the dollar.

And that's where the Rockets come in.

Rumors abound lately that Daryl Morey has been sniffing around for a third superstar to add to the Howard and James Harden mix. Anthony has been the object of those rumors, but why not Kevin Love in 2015? By then, Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin will be coming off the books and the team should have cap space (or at least the flexibility to create cap space) to go after a third star player.

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Kevin Love, in my opinion, cannot be your best player. If he's your second best player, that's probably not a bad thing. If he's your third best player, well damn son, you're in fine shape.

So I take the post game footage above for what it is -- a cry for help, an S.O.S. signal, a match.com video to help find a suitable relationship for a star player with the NBA equivalent of major daddy issues.

Kevin Love, check your private messages. Houston wants to see if you're busy.

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