Kevin Nealon's New Film Looks Like Absolute Crap And I Mean Crap!

Who greenlit Aliens in the Attic? I mean, honestly, who? What film exec got tanked on margaritas at La Casa de Enchiladas and said, yes, let's make this film about aliens and a suburban family with Kevin Nealon as the put-upon Pop?

I thought we were in a recession. Shouldn't it take a LOT to get a film into production these days? Aren't we basically expecting the very best to rise to the top in this competitive market? How how HOW has this shit been allowed to filter through?

The premise of the aliens and the everyday family worked exactly twice. Once with E.T. and once with Gremlins. And frankly in both of those cases, the charm came with the fact that the aliens were real creatures. I don't mean real in the sense that they were actually aliens, but they'd been created by a team of make-up artists and puppeteers and they had personality. It wasn't all about their super special effects and their computer-created abilities. When Gertie dressed up E.T. or when Gizmo hummed a little tune, it was sweet for what it was - just a funny little character that amused us.

Aliens in the Attic (even the title seems to have been created while drunk) looks painful. The alien is a ugly schlub whose antics are as prefabricated as an Ikea dresser. Who is the audience for this movie? Even as a kid I think I would have preferred sitting at home watching reruns to heading out to see a very ugly alien eat hot dogs and burp (oh ho ho so funny!). Maybe they're hoping it will develop some drunk college-kid cult following, but somehow, I don't think that's likely. Aliens in the Attic doesn't look bad enough to be considered so bad it's good. It just looks....bad. Like, way bad.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.