KGOWTF: Poker on the Radio?

Is KGOW 1560 a crappy radio station, or what? Let’s start with the basic fact that you can barely hear it during the day and that its nighttime signal is nearly non-existent. Then there’s the so-called talent. The Chron has loaned the station Richard Justice and Ken Hoffman. The people in charge actually seem to think that a morning drive team of John Granato and Lance Zierlein is something of which to be proud. And then there’s the afternoon drive guy whose sole qualification for the job is his stint as a caller to Jim Rome’s show.

Like I said, it’s a crappy station. A crappy station getting even crappier.

Because while you might not think it would be possible for the programming on this station to get worse than it is, well, you would be thinking wrong. Because, you see, the KGOW programmers have found the one thing even more boring than radio golf. Yep, and even more boring than a gardening show.


Yep, poker on the radio.

It’s bad enough that you can’t land on one of the ten thousand ESPN channels and not find poker, but it’s treated like a sport. How can a bunch of fat guys sitting at a table be a sport? If I can play something drunk, and still win, it’s not a sport. Yet this idiotic crap is on sports television all of the time.

And now it’s on the radio?

I don’t get it. How can they do play-by-play: “Fat man with glasses was just dealt two aces. The Asian guy just got a two of hearts and a six of spades. I really think he should just fold that.”

My god, how can you get any more boring?

Which makes me wonder, just how desperate is KGOW? Are the owners trying to kill sports talk radio in Houston for all of time? (Although, if 610 hasn’t killed it yet, it might not be possible to kill.) I didn’t think sports radio programming could get worse than what KGOW’s already got, but damn, they’re stooping to radio poker.

It makes you wonder if Michael Berry’s somehow involved with the station. And if they’re doing radio poker, how much longer until they’re broadcasting radio darts? -- John Royal

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