KHOU Has A Treat In Store For All You News-Hungry People Up At 4:30 In The Morning

If there's one thing Houston's been lacking, it's a news show that starts at 4:30 in the morning. (Maybe there is one already, but we wouldn't know, because it's on at 4:30 in the freaking morning.)

KHOU is leaping into that dark, dark void beginning Labor Day, when it launches 11News First Look. (Rejected names: 11News Go Back to Bed, 11News Put Down The Meth and 11News To Breast-Feed Your Baby By.)

"Houston is a 24/7 town," said Susan McEldoon, KHOU's president, in a release. "We want to be there for early risers, commuters, shift workers or anyone else who is up early looking for important information to help them start their day. 11News First Look is created with them in mind."

Who gets the plum assignment of reaching out to these fine viewers? The guys who are doing 11News This Morning, which starts at 5 a.m. So it's only an extra half-hour for them, for which they will no doubt be amply compensated, if the boss remembers to tell an intern to drop by Shipley's on the way in.

What's the 11News First Look broadcast going to look like? Let's see:

4:30 a.m. -- 4:38 a.m.: Headlines!!! Or, as they call it in the newsroom, Thank God The Chronicle is Online. Also, for all of you who missed the 10 p.m. news the night before, here's your chance.

4:40 a.m. -- 4:53 a.m.: Traffic and weather. Current conditions on the Gulf Freeway are dark and lonely, except for the drunk drivers coming home from parties. Let's go to the Transtar camera and see if we can pick up even a single headlight on the Katy....wait...maybe....No, sorry -- back to you, Sherry!!

Sherry then kicks it over to a 12-minute weather report. Considering the time of day, they should also provide hog and feed prices, but KHOU is too classy for that.

4:53 a.m. -- 5 a.m.: Some sports scores you already know, desultory "celebrity" gossip from the Access Hollywood/ET pipeline, another wrap-up of traffic ("Yes, there is traffic on the Eastex!! But both cars seem to be moving at posted speeds.") and then a five-minue recap of any changes in the weather since 4:52 a.m.

And's on to the two-hour 11News This Morning!!  Consider yourself well-informed, Houston!!

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Richard Connelly
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