Contract negotiations between KHOU and DISH aren't going smoothly.EXPAND
Contract negotiations between KHOU and DISH aren't going smoothly.

KHOU vs. DISH Contract Standoff Still Isn't Over

KHOU and DISH have agreed to give themselves a bit more time to continue to disagree.

Last night, the two sides decided to extend their deadline to negotiate a contract by 8 days, meaning KHOU won't go dark for DISH subscribers for at least another week. On Tuesday, we reported that contract negotiations between national TV-provider DISH and Tegna, a Gannett spin-off company that owns KHOU and other affiliate stations across the country, were not going well.

It seems as though the only thing the media giants can agree on is that deadlines don't really mean anything. On Wednesday evening, they narrowly avoided a blackout by extending the original deadline 24 hours. Apparently that still wasn't enough time to reach a deal, so they had to extend the deadline again last night. 

Meanwhile, DISH subscribers who like to watch KHOU face the uncomfortable possibility of losing some of their favorite TV shows. Some DISH subscribers took to Twitter to air their concerns:  

It is unclear exactly why the two sides can't reach a deal, though some have accused KHOU's of being too greedy while others have labeled DISH a cheapskate. If the impasse continues, perhaps the FCC should intervene and propose a Judgment Of Solomon deal here. Declare that all TVs be cut in half, wait and see which company is willing to sacrifice its own interests rather than witness such bloodshed, then allow the rightful owner to dictate terms of the contract.

Of course, there's a pretty good chance neither side would care and we'd all end up with a bunch of broken TVs, so let's hope DISH and KHOU find some common ground before the doomsday clock runs out. 

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