Daniel Kramer
Got an ethical dilemma? Just ask, um, anyone but this guy.

Kickin' K.A.

It seems airplane-loving, leper-stealing, orphan-abandoning evangelist K.A. Paul has added another high-profile personality to his circle of associates. The AP just reported that Paul — real name Anand Kilari — met with Rep. Dennis Hastert to chat about how the Foley scandal has distracted politicians from doing "more important" things. Like, say, giving Kilari some dough to defend himself in a lawsuit filed by the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces? Or paying to get his airplane air-worthy, so it doesn't have to be grounded in Tijuana? This personal meeting, at Hastert's home, came a few days after Kilari delivered a sermon in Cleveland about the GOP delaying the second coming of Christ.

Meanwhile, speaking of Tijuana, Kilari's former right-hand-man has gone missing from his apartment in T-town. Doug Dodson's daughter, Jessica Lorenz, is offering a $2,000 reward for her dad. — Craig Malisow

Read Malisow's original story here.


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