Kill Us Now: We Covered the Houston City Council Today

Things at a Houston City Council meeting can get pretty dull. And by dull, we mean crushingly boring. As in, it was so lifeless today that matters got desperate for several reporters listening to the council members drone on and on.

And on.

One TV reporter -- an exceedingly friendly fellow -- took a lengthy timeout from the somnolent affairs to scan through several dozen mug shots of himself, jotting down notes as he went. Soon, another television reporter ambled up to dissect the pictures as well. They conspired with one another before it was decided: Go with the one in which he looked confident and serious but still liked to party.

We agreed with the choice, and mentioned as much.

Thankfully, HTV captured every moment of the meeting -- live. We're not sure if you're familiar with Houston TV, but if you're unemployed, generally disenfranchised with life and enjoy C-SPAN, we suggest you watch HTV. It's wild. In addition to getting some slow jams, stellar programming like Build Green -- which shows, counterintuitively enough, Houston's greenification -- sometimes, like today, there are arguments over ice cubes.

Yes, ice cubes. Here's what went down at the City Council meeting: Apparently, we can no longer afford ice cubes! Now this is austerity politics at an entirely new level. The city considered awarding a three-year, $1,235,000 contract to Howard Trey Ron Distributors to lease several ice machines to "various departments," which several council members took to mean: Mayor Annise Parker's office.

And in these most depressed times, several council members intoned, can we possibly afford to chill our beverages with such machines? "I don't know this company, but I don't want us to waste any more money, and be frugal with it and spend it correctly," Council Member Andrew Burks said, clutching (believe it or not) an ice tray. He then, for reasons unclear, informed the audience that his last drink necessitated six ice cubes -- half the total number of cubes his tray could manage!

Still, he said, if saving money "means cutting back on your ice usage -- okay," Burks said. "But everyone doesn't have a fridge in their office, Mayor. We can do better."

Now that's good HTV.

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