Kinda Gay

We took note

this week

of the attempts by the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau to capture the wily gay audience for our area.

They'll be advertising in gay publications and other stuff like that. We pointed out that the GHCVB Web site wasn't really aiding in the effort — if you went to the "Attractions" page and typed "gay" in the search engine, you got bupkis.

Lindsey Brown of the GHCVB wants us, and everyone else for that matter, to know that the Web site does indeed list some gay stuff. You can search for "gay" under Nightlife, for instance, and be rewarded with a slew of choices.

But not if you search under attractions or even "Performing Arts" which, face it, ought to have some gayness to it. Brown says they're working on the search engine to clear up the glitches.

For now, though, do your gay searching from the main page and avoid the sub-sections, even if it means tossing out common sense.

P.S.: If you search for "gay" on that main page, you get listings for places like JR's and Chances. And also, for some reason, this:

Texas City Prairie Preserve The Texas City Preserve, with 40 acres open to the public and 2000 acres on tours, features rare coastal prairie habitat and supports wild Attwater's Prairie Chickens. The Preserve features bluestem, the occasional are coastal gayfeather, nesting colonies of least terns and black skimmers, American peregrine falcon, white-tailed hawk, reddish egrets and more.

Hmmm. That "coastal gayfeather" has probably messed up many a search engine in its time, we're guessing. -- Richard Connelly

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