Kinkaid Brouhaha Has A Second Act

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Kinkaid School, the pricey enclave of private education, is riling up the blogosphere again.

A while back it was a stormy, silly letter from a Wall Street banker and Kinkaid dad criticizing the uber-PC ways of the school that became a cause celebre.

Today it's the fact that the letter-writer Skip McGee III, appears to have won his battle. An assistant principal at Kinkaid is gone, as is an athletic coach.

Notes Gawker:

An email from Kinkaid headmaster Don North announces the departure of Upper School Principal Mickey Saltman--whom Skip accused of turning his child into a sacrificial lamb to political correctness in his rabble-rousing email/manifesto--and Director of Physical Education Cindy Gough. Cindy wasn't named in Skip's email, so her resignation could be coincidence. Or, she could be one of the unnamed (but identifiable to Kinkaid families and staff) coaches at whom Skip lobbed sexual ridicule in his letter.

The principal's letter, after the jump:

From: Don North
Date: January 27, 2010 2:54:17 PM EST
Subject: Kinkaid POLD: January 27, 2010

January 27, 2010

Dear Parents:
I write with news about recent decisions by two valued members of Kinkaid's administrative leadership team.

This week, Upper School Principal Mickey Saltman announced his decision to retire at the end of the current school year. While I had hoped Mr. Saltman would return to Kinkaid for the coming school year, I respect his decision fully. Mickey Saltman has served Kinkaid with great distinction for twelve years, and his career in education-first (and always) as a teacher, then as a department chair, and finally as a principal at two first-rate independent schools-spans nearly fifty years. At Kinkaid, he has led a superb faculty with skill, wisdom, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, and he has served as a wonderful role model for our students.

Additionally, Cindy Gough recently announced her decision to resign from her position as Director of Physical Education, Athletics, and Wellness effective at the end of the current school year. Ms. Gough has provided strong, energetic, and thoroughly positive leadership to the school over the last four years, contributing significantly to the Department and to the school, and all of us are deeply grateful to Ms. Gough. We will miss her very much, and we wish her well in the future.

I know in the coming weeks and months you will join the Kinkaid Board of Trustees and my colleagues on the faculty and staff in expressing thanks to both Cindy Gough and Mickey Saltman for the exceptional leadership they have provided Kinkaid.

Don North

We find it hard to care too much about the self-satisfied richies who populate Kinkaid, but certain parts of the Web do. So have at it, if you will.

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