Kittehs (And A Puppeh) Rejoice In A Post-Election Ball Of Cute Trepidation

Today is the day that all of you non-voting, convicted felon, nihilists have all been waiting for: the day after the presidential election! It's safe to go back to social media for those of you who swore it off sometime back in the summer when friends and relatives pulled out their knives online.

It's also a time to rejoice, since you won't be inundated with numbers and polls that don't really matter. Unless you really got off on seeing percentage signs and that weird plus equals sign. Hey, it takes all kinds.

But then again, America could have already devolved into some sort of crazy Mad Max-type world in the hours after the election, and you are out fighting someone for gasoline with a rusty chain and a pair of pliers right about now.

Hey look, kittehs saying things in that cute feline patois that we all wish they could use!

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