Kliff Kingsbury Launches the Debate: Which College Football Head Coach Is the Best Dancer? (VIDEO)

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Every year, there's a weeding out process in college football, where the certain percentage of head coaches are cut loose, retire, or move onto other endeavors. The coaching carousel begins spinning and schools that fired their coach generally begin looking for something the opposite of the guy they just let go.

Schools that fired an offensive guy look for a defensive guy. Schools that fired an energetic spaz look for someone more stoic. Schools that had Charlie Weis or Mark Mangino look for someone thin.

And around and around we go.

However, Texas Tech may have completely changed the game with last year's hire of Kliff Kinsgbury.

Yeah, in the wake of Tommy Tuberville up and leaving a Big 12 school to head into the mysterious stew that is the American Athletic Conference, Tech needed to make a hire that would resonate with its alumni base, so to that end bringing in Kingsbury with virtually no experience made sense.

But who knew the guy could actually coach?

Tech jumped out to a 7-0 start in 2013, working their way into the top ten, before regressing to the mean in the second half of the season. However, they finished things off with a huge win over Arizona State in the Holiday Bowl, and they carry some momentum into 2014.

That's all well and good. Now, to go, as my radio partner Ted Johnson would say, next level.

Kingsbury is not only a pretty damn good game coach, and a good recruiter, but he's also a Ryan Gosling lookalike. He's stunningly handsome (at least, from what the ladies tell me), and he's made it clear that he's not afraid to use it! If you're a recruit with a single mom, Kingsbury will flirt with her, whether you like it or not:

"Yeah," Kingsbury said, laughing. "You've got to play to your strengths. So I kind of encourage that a little bit. It's part of the deal."

Totally unfair. Kingsbury is going to clean up in recruiting. And I would have said that before we found out that he can dance, too! IS there anything this guy can't do?!

From Texas Tech's practice fields this past week, here is the team's dance-off, in which Kingsbury jumps in and wrecks shop at about the 1:45 mark:

Incredible. On a scale of 1 to 10, a solid 12.4!

Yeah, other coaches have tried at the dancing thing. I mean, Tennessee's Butch Jones did it out at practice like Kingsbury...

....Missouri's Gary Pinkel went with more of a modified lurk than a dance after Mizzou clinched the SEC East...

....LSU's Les Miles tested his "Billy Johnson" knee knock behind closed doors before presumably unleashing it in his final in-home visit with Leonard Fournette....

....and clearly, Kingsbury's stiffest competition will come from right inside the Big 12 conference with Mike Gundy....

....yes, Mike Gundy.....

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