Koffi Gnagby: Dude, If You Steal $100K From Self-Pay Parking Machines, It Will Get Noticed

Koffi Gnagby, who has at least half a Dickensian name, had a simple job: Go around to the self-pay parking machines in the Medical Center and collect the cash deposited therein.

Apparently handling that cash became too much of a temptation. Gnagby, whose first name really should be Silas or something like that, somehow determined that he could take $100,000 in a seven-month period and no one would notice.

He determined wrongly.

Officials higher up the self-pay parking foodchain eventually figured out that the intake was a little light. They looked at surveillance video and discreetly followed Gnagby on his daily rounds, according to court documents.

Gnagby's scam, according to prosecutors, involved fiddling with the records at each machine, but when you're dealing mostly with $5 bills, moving a hundred thou is a pretty hefty challenge to overcome without being noticed when you have a tail on you.

When he was confronted with the charges, Gnagby was found to have almost $7,000 of fives in his car. Sure, it doesn't quite have the glamor of a leather-tooled briefcase packed with benjamins, but it's all still acceptable as legal tender.

Gnagby is in jail now on a $100,000 bond, which we're guessing he won't meet with a bag full of fives.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.