Kountze High School: Keep Jesus on the Football Field, Where He Belongs!

If there's one thing we learned from the Bible, it's that Jesus loved high school football. Remember Galatians 2:34? "And yea, Christ the Savior sayeth unto the Jerusalem Central Serpents, 'We are Bethlehem West, we couldn't be prouder, and if thou didn't hear us, we shall shout a little louder!'"?

That's why we were floored to read that some Philistine in the small town of Kountze (30 miles north of Beaumont) has complained about the high school football team's tradition of starting each game by running through paper banners displaying Bible phrases. The jerk's crying caused Kountze ISD Superintendent Kevin Weldon to seek counsel from the Texas Association of School Boards, which said the school oughta cut it out, lest it face a lawsuit.

While Weldon is operating strictly from a CYA standpoint, those in the small town are understandably irked. Parroting Jesus's message of love and tolerance, football player Caleb Darby told KHOU, "If you don't like it, don't come to our games."

Fortunately for the picked-upon Christians, the Liberty Institute, the Plano-based champion of Bible-thumpers everywhere, has gotten involved. Liberty President Kelly Shackelford said in a press release, "These government school officials will never learn that students' religious rights are protected."

Beaumont attorney David Starnes, working with Liberty, stated in the same press release, "Such discrimination and censorship is unfortunate and illegal."

The Kountze Lions will take on Hardin High September 28, and some Hardin fans will "be bringing their pro-Christianity banners, too," according to KHOU. We plan to go, too, and are currently designing a banner showing Jesus wearing a rainbow wig and holding a "John 3:16" sign. Amen, yo.

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