KPRC Digs Deep To Discover Cops Like Washington Avenue, Too

KPRC's Stephen Dean had a breathless report last night, a two-month hidden-camera investigation, proving without a doubt...that cops like to sit around and talk to women on the Washington Avenue strip.

Wait, that's the "hot, happening strip of bars along Washington Avenue," according to the completely un-hot or happening Dean.

Dean's video showed cops leaning against their cars. "What we found every time it was busy, officers picking this spot to to stop, get out of their cars, talk to women and each other, and if they weren't talking they sure were looking," Dean reported.

He then brought in a man on the street to confirm that the cops did, indeed, sometimes check out the women walking by in the nightclub attire.

Quelle horreur!!!

There was some meat to the report -- Dean found logs showing some cops (didn't seem like many) had reported they were "blocks away" investigating incidents when they were actually on Washington for up to, in the most egregious case cited, "37 minutes."

And Dean claimed other cops had complained to him, but none showed up on camera.

Lip service was paid to the fact that HPD has heightened its presence in the area and crime has dropped.

We're having some trouble getting worked up about this one, to be honest. But we're glad KPRC could spare two months of hidden-camera work on Washington Avenue to report it.

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Richard Connelly
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