KPRC: Pay No Attention To That Alleged Camera Operator

KPRC news has a fresh set of promos out, featuring the usual TV-news trope of reporters and cameramen dashing about to cover the city they know so deep in their bones.

(How come they never show the reporters dashing to Google Maps to look up where the intersection of Chimney Rock and Bissonet is?)

It looks like standard fare, but there is one thing unusual in the ads. Those camera operators? They're not really camera operators.

"The new promo Channel Two is running about the News team has real reporters, and fake photographers. They used an editor and a couple of production guys who have never held a news camera in their life. That tells you what they think about their 'button pushers,'" says one insider.

A different KPRC guy isn't surprised.

"The actual cameramen, I'm sure, are a lot less photogenic," he says.

That's probably true, if the cameramen we've seen are any indication.

Still, our faith in television news has just been completely crushed.

-- Richard Connelly

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