KPRC Rob Arnold Tweets Spam-Worthy Image of "Baby Killer"

KPRC's Robert Arnold has always had a flair for the dramatic. One of my favorite images from local news was that of Arnold standing nearly waist deep in water during Tropical Storm Allison imploring all those watching to, for the love of God, not go in the water. Back in 2002, he made the pages of this publication for discovering -- shocker -- that escort services might be fronts for prostitution by calling them up on the phone. It made for awesome television drama as local news often does.

Arnold has also been covering the case of Genene Jones, the nurse convicted of murdering a baby under her care and suspected of killing numerous others in central Texas in the early '80s. She was sentenced to 99 years in prison in 1985 but was scheduled for mandatory release in 2017 due to overcrowding.

Apparently, she goes before the Texas Parole Board Wednesday and Arnold is there to keep us updated at least initially via his Twitter Feed. More on that in a second.

Last year, he posted on his feed a portion of a quote from the prosecutor in the Jones case, Ron Sutton, who also appears to understand media theater.

Well, Wednesday Arnold resurrected that quote, but this time layered it like a meme over a collage image (see above), complete with images of Jones since the '80s and a scanned newspaper with the headline "Psychopathic Nurse Worked Death Shift."

I am all for making a point, but it does feel a bit odd that an NBC affiliate's investigative reporter is posting something I'm more used to seeing in a Facebook post from a right-wing radio station shared by one of my conservative older relatives with the caption "Like if you agree."

I have no idea if he just shared the image or if he created it himself, but it makes me smile to imagine Arnold hovered over his laptop in the middle of the night crafting the image with Microsoft Paint looking for just the right font to convey his feelings.

But, hey, it's local news, something known for outrageousness, so I guess this isn't all that different. It sure does make for some good Wednesday morning theater.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.