Krazy George Just Won’t Go Away

Were you one of those lucky 50,000 people who, back in the late-70s and early-80s, had Houston Oilers season tickets? Do you remember that crazy old guy who walked around the Dome banging on his drum and demanding that we all shout HOUSTON OILERS at the top of our lungs? Remember how he would get one side to stand and shout, then get the other side of the Dome to do it. Do you remember thinking, Wow, that guy’s old?

Well, imagine my surprise to discover that not only is Krazy George still alive, but he’s still going to ball games, still banging on his drum, and still getting people to shout and stand. Only he doesn’t do big stadiums anymore. He’s strictly a minor league guy now.

Now I admit that, as a kid, I had a blast with this guy around. It was fun shouting HOUSTON OILERS and waving my Houston Oilers pom-poms. However, as I’ve grown older, I’ve really come to hate Krazy’s greatest creation.

That’s right, Krazy George is the person responsible for the Wave. The stupidest thing to ever infect a sporting event.

Yeah, yeah, you’re thinking, but what about the kids? It’s fun. And yeah, that’s kind of point, but it’s never kids starting these things. It’s always some fat jerk, who’s either in a frat or wants to relive his frat days, with a beer in each hand and his back turned to the action, who’s trying to get the damn thing started (it’s also these same assholes who shout throw-it-back when ever a bad guy hits a homer in the stands).

Dude, you’re not even watching the damn game. Why ruin it for those of us who paid our hard-earned dollars to, you know, actually watch the game? If you’re bored, then go up to the concourse and buy some more 20 dollar beers. Leave the rest of us alone. Please. – John Royal

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