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Kristi Thibault: We Narrowly Missed Electing A Socialist, Apparently

Kristi Thibault was one of


many Democratic State Reps to go down to defeat yesterday.

Little did we know just what a bullet we dodged.

A Friend of Hair Balls sent us a flyer he had seen posted in Thibault's district, from what is no doubt a well-respected group called the Radical Eco Democratic Socialists. In case you don't get the message, the boldfaced acronym made clear the group is called REDS.

REDS were fervent in their support for Thibault, and laid out her platform for all to see:

Well, when you put it like that, it actually sounds bad.

Among the highlights, if it's too fuzzy to read:

-- She will stand up to Jim Murphy and those tea-bagging Christians

-- She will increase diversity through affordable housing

-- She will promote full rights for gays, lesbians and transgendered

-- She will hold the oil companies accountable for pollution

Hey, it sounds good. But if you could use some constructive criticism, you might want to look into changing your logo, dudes.

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