Kristin Diane Massey: Female Sex Offender In Trouble Again

It certainly looks like last night was a wild one for 27-year-old Kristin Diane Massey.

According to court records, the rail-thin Massey agreed to have sex for money with an undercover cop and was arrested.

Prostitution-related arrests are not new for Massey, but this is the first time she has gotten pinched selling her own body. Back in 2007, she was sent to prison for two years for pimping out a 15-year-old girl. That conviction -- for compelling the prostitution of a minor -- landed the Sunset Heights resident in the Texas Sex Offender Registry for life.

So maybe the stakes were a little higher for her last night. Maybe that's why she allegedly kicked out the windshield of a cop car and attempted to slink away into the night.

Since she's listed in her court documents as carrying a mere 95 pounds on her 5'5" frame, the aperture she would have needed to create need not have been large.

Massey was re-apprehended and misdemeanor charges of escape and criminal mischief were added to her prostitution rap. She is currently cooling her heels in the Harris County Jail in lieu of bonds totaling about $10,000.

In addition to the pimping bust, her priors include two coke possession convictions, which is a bit of a shock. Not so much that she has two drug convictions, but after looking at her mugshots in the DPS Sex Offender Registry, and seeing her skeletal appearance, it's a bit surprising that the drug of choice was coke and/or crack and not meth.

But then again, as one seasoned old crack-head once told us, "That crack'll knock the meat off ya" almost as efficiently as meth.

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