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Kristin Diane Massey: Vain, Chameleon-Like Sex Offender Jailed Again In Odd Heist

For Kristin Diane Massey, the convicted sex offender we wrote about this fall after she was accused of wiggling out of the back of a police car, there's good news and bad news. And some more bad news.

The good news is that the State dropped the charges of escape and criminal mischief that followed in the wake of an October prostitution bust. The bad news is that the 27-year-old Heights-area woman was convicted in that prostitution case and sentenced to 75 days in the Harris County Jail. And more bad news came over the weekend, but more on that later...

In the meantime, we started to get some interesting comments about a month after the original story ran.

On November 16, Anonymous had this to say:

"How did she kick out the windshield, didn't the dumb ass cops think to stick her in the back of the cop car. Your story is so full of crap. Truth was probably more like the cop wanted a freebie and got pissed when she would not put out."

The next day, there came this from "Kristinmassey25":

"You could have showed a better picture of me damn. Thanks!!!!! Yes this is Kristin."

Ah vanity, vanity, all is vanity.

And then on Sunday, this was added to the mix by a poster named "Jennifer":

"It's nice to see understanding reporters defending drug addictions. I guess you will never be as big of a person as my big sister who, by the way, should have kicked you instead of the windshield."

(Note: Our original post did not defend drug addictions. It did state that coke, crack and meth will help you lose weight, but we did not condone taking that course of action.)

But almost at the very same time Jennifer was firing off an angry letter at yours truly, her big sis was getting herself in another pickle.

According to records on file at the Harris County Courthouse, Massey was arrested yesterday and charged with Class A misdemeanor theft, for stealing items worth between $500 and $1500.

Ho-hum, so far. But the report went on to catalog the items Massey was alleged to have taken...

To wit, one cellphone and one set of gold teeth.

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Cheeah. Gold teeth.

Investigators say that the molar-heist came to light after a traffic stop. Massey was the passenger in a car driven by a local man whom police arrested after the man refused to show ID. Massey was cut loose and toddled off down the street. Just before he was taken into custody, the man asked to grab his cellphone and discovered it was gone. Quickly putting two and two together, the man told police that he believed that Massey took it, which turned out to be the case when she was found nearby.

And then during Massey's pat-down, cops found the man's gold fronts too. (The man, who has a list of prior arrests longer than Massey's, would eventually spend a couple of nights in jail after pleading guilty to failing to identify himself to a police officer.)

Massey could face a year in jail and a $4,000 fine if convicted in the theft. Back in 2007, she was sentenced to two years for pimping out a 15-year-old girl. That conviction also landed her on the Texas Sex Offender Registry for life.

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