Dammit, Bones.....

Krystal Baggerly: Barentender Sues Over Beer Bottles

The life of a bartender can be dangerous, if you work in some club where people come strapped and there's no security doing door searches. Not to mention the beer bottles.

Krystal Baggerly was a bartender at a Friendswood bar called Cheers when, just about a year go, disaster struck.

She was moving boxes of beer bottles and -- because the bottles had not been sufficiently inspected, she says -- she suffered "life-threatening injuries to her person," according to a lawsuit she's filed in Galveston district court.

The lawsuit is extremely vague on how the injuries occurred or what exactly was wrong with the beer bottles, or whether the beer bottles were unique and not the kind of millions of beer bottles handled by bartenders the world over every day.

We have a call in to her attorney, from the law firm of Smith & Hassler, whose website prominently features William Shatner. Shatner could not be reached for comment.

The suit says "The beer glass bottles" (whatever those are) "were not inspected currently to ensure safe handling by Plaintiff. Defendant's failure to inspect the boxes and keep Plaintiff's work area free of damages amounts to negligence which caused Plaintiff to suffer serious bodily injury."

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