Krystal Cook, East Texas Firebomber, Given Ten Years Probation

A 21-year-old Diboll woman arrested late last year in connection with the firebombing of a rural home was convicted and given ten years probation on Wednesday.

Cook acted as the lookout and getaway driver for 24-year-old Justin Benson, who filled a bottle with flammable liquid, lit a fuse and tossed it through the window of a home in August of 2011. The two then sped off to Lufkin, and were arrested in December.

Cook sure knows how to take mugshot...

In the 18 months prior to that arrest, Cook had been taken to jail six times, including multiple shoplifting arrests, one theft of service charge and another for possession of a dangerous drug. In one theft case, she was hit with a felony for allegedly stealing a shirt worth nine dollars -- getting caught shoplifting three times or more enhances the charge from a misdemeanor, no matter the value of the goods.

According to Angelina County court records, Justin Benson, Cook's accomplice, pleaded guilty and accepted a probated sentence in January.

Like Cook, he'd been on quite a tear before the arson, with numerous burglary charges and one charge (later dismissed) of theft of a firearm.

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