KTRH Continues On Its Fox-ification

KTRH, the only major AM news operation in town (and it ain't as major as it used to be) continues its ever-quickening descent into Fox News hell.

This morning a major item was about....how the media have been trashing George Bush and hurting his legacy. We heard old quotes from his mother and father about how mean that ol' media has been to their son.

And then there is "The Question of the Day." It's a daily poll on the station's website on the pressing issues of the moment.

Here was today's question, and the only choices available as answers:

"What do you think President Bush's legacy of success will be?

a) The war on terror

b) Democracy in Iraq

c) Tax cuts."

Stephen Colbert couldn't have come up with something better.

To see the results, by the way, you have to vote. And there's no "other" option, or "none of the above," or "Success? You've gotta be kidding."

So we picked "tax cuts," just because this whole economy thing seems to be going so well.

But we were in the tiny minority: 78 percent of voters said "War on terror," and 11 percent each chose the other two.

Your legacy is safe on at least one radio station, George Bush.

-- Richard Connelly

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