KTRH Continues To Try To Out-Fox Fox

Remember the days when KTRH was worth listening to?

It remains the only AM news station in town, and the largest. But layoffs have damaged the product, although not as much as the decision by Michael Berry to throw objectivity out the window in order to appeal to the Dittoheads and Hannity fans who listen to the talk shows.

The 9-11 am hours have gone from news to more right-wing blather, which at least is idenitifed as opinion. But look at what they're calling "news" today on their website:

The lede on their top item: "President Barack Obma faces a barrage of questions on his plan to reinvigorate the economy with a massive stimulus bill andadditional billions in bailout money for financial institutions."

The headline on the second item: "Republicans Winning With Bailout Bashing."

The "Question of the Day: "Do you think the economic stimulus package being debated in Congress will actually harm the economy, rather than help it?" ("Yes" gets 93 percent of the votes so far.)

Someday we hope the Question of the Day will be "Is it actually possible to respect KTRH anymore?" But we're not holding our breath.

-- Richard Connelly

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