KTRH Gives Up On The Extended-Morning-News Experiment, Goes Back To Choir-Preaching

We noted in October that KTRH, pretty much the only news operation left on the AM dial, had expanded their morning news program by getting rid of San Antonio shouter Joe Pags' show.

Sure, since then the expanded "news" hole was often filled by a chaotic hodgepodge of whatever guest the station's intern could get on the phone to be interviewed by the anchors, but at least it wasn't yet another conservative talk show preaching to the choir.

That's about to end, though: Starting February 2, the 9-11 a.m. slot will be filled with the Glenn Beck program.

Be still our hearts.

Beck is the hack who couldn't cut it when CNN tried desperately to woo right-wing viewers from Fox. He's headed back to Fox soon, which may have something to do with KTRH taking his program.

It's disappointing, even though the station had pretty much proved that trying to fill all morning with news after slashing your newsroom staff was not the way to produce compelling radio.

But it was still better than Glenn Beck.

-- Richard Connelly

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