KTRH Listeners Speak Out, Inanely

If you've been listening to Rush, Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity, you know that President Obama has called every single police officer in the nation "stupid," and that he has absolutely no respect for them.

It's not because he's black, it's because....he's not Republican?

We're not sure. Sometime it's hard to follow.

At any rate, Obama has proposed getting together over a beer at the White House with the Cambridge cop and the ornery professor so everyone can hash things out. Both sides have accepted and have toned down their rhetoric.

So the Beer Summit seems like a good idea, right? Casula get-together out of the public eye, some statements afterwards. Hard to see a downside to it.

Unless, of course, you listen to the city's biggest newsradio station, KTRH.

In yet another of their inane questions of the day -- which often resemble something like "Is Obama a) an actual terrorist himself, or b) merely helping terrorists to kill Americans?" -- they have tackled whether the two sides in this overblown story should meet peacefully.

The question: "Do you think an invitation to have a beer with Professor Gates and the officer who arrested him is appropriate or yet another misstep by the president?"

The results: 91.3 percent consider the invitation "yet another misstep."

Now, maybe 20 percent of that "no" vote is hard-core Christians horrified at the thought of beer in the White House. (Note to them: Don't look at what was served in the Reagan or both Bush administrations.)

The other, majority part of the "no" vote? They're against two people agreeing to meet with the President to hash this out?


To the brave, misguided 8.7 percent who said the invitation was "appropriate," we have only one question: Why are you still listening to KTRH?

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