KTRH "News": More Of A Joke Than Ever

KTRH used to be the radio-news powerhouse of southeast Texas, filled with aggressive and competent reporters who covered the city well.

Now....well, budget cuts have affected all media, so it's no surprise the newsroom staff ain't what it used to be. But the station's decision to shamelessly pander to the right wing is jawdropping.

Note: We're not talking about the opinion shows. We're just talking about the NEWS portion of the schedule. The objective, even-handed, news portion.

We tuned in this morning around 8:30 and heard three "local" reports in a row. First, a U.S. representative was going to show up at the 65th anniversary commemoration of the Hiroshima bombing.

Some have said this represents America apologizing for the bombing, a local reporter said.

He then ran tape of a WWII veteran talking of all his friends who would have been killed (up to a million Americans, the reporter later added) invading Japan if the a-bomb hadn't been used, so there's no way America should apologize.

Of course, the fact that no one in the Obama administration is apologizing for the atomic bomb wasn't mentioned.

Next "local" report: A group of "conservative blacks" is forming a group to show the Tea Parties are not racist. The interview revealed that one of the leaders had been called the n-word by Democrats but never by Republicans, and that any racist signs at Tea Party rallies are probably Democrats looking to sabotage the movement.

Moving on with all the news, anchors J.P Pritchard and Lana Hughes then chatted about how "it sounds like all that stimulus money turned into a lot of pork."

They had on GOP Representative Pete Olson who could only say "Wow" when asked about all the darn pork.

Back when the stimulus bill was being debated, Pritchard said, a whole lot of people said it was pork, so it's not surprising that it's turned out to be pork.

Then Hughes chimed in with a piercing question (emphasis ours) "Can we turn this thing around? What can we do to stop it?"

Elect more GOP candidates in November, Olson said.

We couldn't take any more, so we missed the always-inane Question of the Day, which is usually along the lines of "Is Obama a) Socialist, b) Fascist, c) Communist, d) all of the above."

A quick check of the website shows today's question was "A judge has bypassed voters, calling CA's ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. Who was right? a) Voters, b) Courts, c) Not sure."

At last viewing, about 75 percent said....well, you know what they said.

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