KTRH's Joe Pags -- Gone, But Not Far

If you've been listening to KTRH-AM more than usual because of Ike, you may have noticed a small blessing -- Joe Pags is gone.

"Joe Pags" is Joe Pagliarulo, a San Antonio-based radio shouter who ably carries on the choir-preaching duties of all of Clear Channel's local talk-show hosts. He also shows up on TV; recently he was on Larry King informing America that the current economic crisis is all the fault of Democrats, who apparently have been secretly running the country for the past eight years.

The good news is that Pagliarulo is being replaced by more news; the bad news is that he's simply moved over to another of Clear Channel's AM stations, KPRC, where he joins such illustrious and subtle thinkers as Michael Savage.

We applaud the move to more news, though. We kind of doubt it will be accompanied by an increase in news staff, but we were unable to find out.

Clear Channel AM manager (and former city councilman) Michael Berry apparently no longer returns our messages.

Which is kind of funny, because the last time we talked to him, a year or so ago, he asked us out to lunch.

Better hold off, we told him; we were just putting the finishing touched on our "Turkeys of the Year" issue and he was named as one.

"Oh, that stuff doesn't bother me. Criticism comes with the job," he said.

And then never called or returned a message again.

Some skins can be so thin.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.