KTRH's "Most Influential Houstonian Of 2010": KTRH's Michael Berry

Who is the single most influential Houstonian of 2010?

Annise Parker, who has garnered worldwide publicity for Houston? A piker.

No, by far the most influential Houstonian this year has been Michael Berry, talk-show host on KTRH. At least according to a listener poll of KTRH listeners.

Almost two-thirds of respondents picked Berry, whose influence must be very, very behind the scenes.

Second place, with 24 percent, is "Houston Voters (for killing red light cameras."

And Parker? Well, she's broken the two-percent mark. Barely.

KTRH's poll -- which is still ongoing, get on there and vote! -- offers brief summaries for each of nine suggested candidates. Berry's:

As a KTRH talk show host, Berry provides an alternative to the mainstream media for listeners who love politics, current events, and social commentary. In 2010, he led the Caravan to Arizona to support SB1070 and broadcast live from the Gulf during the BP disaster.

Stopping the Gulf spill and the Mexican hordes? That's influence!! We assume it was undue modesty, or space reasons, that prevented the mention of his hoping someone blows up the proposed mosque in New York City.

Also nominated: Vince Young.

In 2010, the Houston native lead the Tennessee Titans to a 5-3 record in its first eight games while throwing for nine touchdowns with a 103.1 passer rating. VY continues to mentor Houston-area youth and support local charities.

Not to mention how he very influential-ly quit on his coach.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.