KTRU: The Death Knell Rings, Thanks To UH

Moments ago, the University of Houston Board of Regents approved the purchase of Rice University student station KTRU (91.7) FM, reports Rocks Off's Matthew Keever, who is at the board's quarterly meeting at the Hilton University of Houston.

The motion carried by a margin of 4 to 3. Several people showed up in support of KTRU, but no one spoke in the open-forum portion of the meeting.

"I don't think that the purchase of this radio station is a judicious use of the funds, and I think it would leave a bad taste in a lot of listeners' mouths," UH music graduate student Andrew Fortson said as he was being escorted out. "It will turn this community off and not on."

"How does the University of Houston need two radio stations and Rice doesn't need any?" asked Vice Chair of Facilities, Construction & Master Planning Committee Tilman J. Fertitta.

According to Greg Starks, a volunteer DJ for KTRU, Rice has been "trying to get rid of us for a long time."

"Honestly, this is a travesty," Starks said. "KTRU is 40-year-old, student-built institution in Houston, and we have some of the longest running programs on Texas radio. We play music that you wouldn't hear on any other Texas radio station."

(Note: Check out Rocks Off for further updates on this....)

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