KTRU Will Air on KPFT's HD Station Under New Deal

Rice's legendary KTRU will live again on the FM dial -- sort of.

Rice has signed a seven-year deal with KPFT to have KTRU broadcast on the Pacifica station's HD station, the achool announced today.

This means the station won't be reduced to just broadcasting on the Internet, a move that didn't make too many radio station supporters very happy when they were told that's how they could continue operations. The broadcasts begin at 9:01 a.m. February 14 on KPFT's 90.1-HD2 FM channel.

Rice President David Leebron took a lot of heat for the sales agreement which was negotiated privately between Rice and UH -- even from people who didn't listen to the station at 91.7 but who felt the matter should have been open for discussion by students before the universities made their deal.

Rice sold its broadcast tower and license for use by KUHF. Leebron said in a press release today that some of the money from the sale -- its approval is still pending before the Federal Communications Commission -- will be used to help pay for the seven-year lease.

KTRU Station Manager Joey Yang said they will also be reviewing their playlist in their new operation. "KTRU is also adding new and exciting music we haven't traditionally played before," he said.

Listeners will need an HD radio receiver to listen to the KTRU broadcasts, but there is no subscription fee, the press release said.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.